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Good morning! I sip my cup of coffee while writing this post. It’s super hot today so we are definitely going to the beach. You know Switzerland is such a nice country so green and a lot of mountains/alps and I really need to start to travel around Switzerland as well. So many cool places where I haven’t been. Yesterday we went to Säntis, it’s sooo beautiful but really touristy. Luckily Patrick agreed to come with me, because for him this kind of stuff is boring as he grew up in Switzerland. Probably it would be with me the same, when he would ask me to go to “Suur Munamägi”, it’s he highest peak in Estonia like 318m haha.

When we started to go up I wasn’t scared at all, because I’m not crazy scared of heights. But when we almost reached the top I couldn’t look down anymore. It was 5 degrees on top, so I was freezing. I even saw that people hiked up and it was snowy and pretty dangerous. Next time I should wear warmer clothes for sure. Alright, have a great Sunday peeps. Hugs T.


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